• Intercom Computer Systems GmbH è la società Tedesca leader di mercato nelle soluzioni di interfacciamento verso l’ambiente MainFrame che si traduce in soluzioni di emulazione.

    Storia della società

    For 25 years Intercom Computer Systems has been the place for computer users to turn for peripherals, storage systems, PC-Host connectivity and networking. The German organization was established in 1975 but has its own branches in the USA and works with distributors in many European countries and over-seas. During its initial years of expansion Intercom became an expert engineering house in developing special solutions for the IBM and Siemens large-scale computer peripherie. Today Intercom is a worldwide acknolwedged producer and supplier, providing standard solutions in the storage sector and innovative solutions in the printing and communications sectors. Intercom is a competent, reliable partner where innovative storage systems are converned and in company-wide printing or connectivity between different computer platforms such as mainframes, UNIX systems, NT or personal computers.

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    Intercom Homepage