Optica Technologies

  • Optica Technologies è la società Americana leader di mercato nelle soluzioni di interconnessione tra sistemi MainFrame e periferiche. Il loro core business è caratterizzato da convertitori di canale FICON to ESCON ed ESCON to BUS/TAG.

    Storia della società

    Optica Technologies, a privately held corporation, is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado with sales and marketing offices in Ohio, Minnesota, Texas, New York and London. The company has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality computer connectivity and security solutions since 1967 and is a recognized leader in the mainframe market.

    Additionally, Optica offers a full-range of fiber-optic cabling and structured-cabling services for open systems and mainframe data centers. Optica’s products are installed in the majority of enterprise data centers worldwide.

    Optica Technologies designs products to manage the interconnection of IBM¨ and plug-compatible mainframe systems and peripherals. Our primary products are proprietary protocol converters and channel switches, fiber management systems/ fiber cable assemblies/components, and ESCON® Directors.

    In addition to products, we offer a suite of professional services including design and installation planning for fiber optic migration and channel resource management. Included in our services suite is OBTAIN 24/7™, a powerful database system designed to document mainframe and open systems equipment and configurations. We invite you to use our expertise and consultation to extend the life of your current systems, or to help with your facilities planning.


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